Land beats gold as an investment every time


“It’s hard to have a good time on a gold coin”

Savvy investors should be checking their hole card right now to figure out where to put their money. As the Federal Reserve tapers off their insane policy of dumping $85 billion of baseless money into the economy every month, the stock market shakes in fear every time someone breathes a word about “tapering”. The Dow is close to 17,000, but it’s not because the economy is performing and adding jobs. 89% of people surveyed believe we are still in a recession, five years into the Obama administration. One expert says “this is the bubble of all bubbles” and predicts a colossal stock market collapse.

Gold isn’t doing much better. After peaking at $1,900 an ounce, it’s now hovering around $1,100, and some experts predict it will drop to $500. Other precious metals have performed similarly. While gold retains some inherent value, it is a non-performing asset. It just sits there, producing nothing. And you have to protect it, too, which means you have to buy an expensive safe or maintain a safe deposit box.

It’s time to buy land. There is plenty of vacant land on the market, and prices have remained steady for the past 4-5 years, after dropping 30-40% since the start of the recession. Good deals can be had. Cattle grazing, timber, recreation, hay production, future development—land can be a productive asset. Cattle prices are at an all-time high. Hay and grain prices are similarly high. Even if you just have a picnic or go plinking with your .22, you can at least use your land. It’s hard to have a good time on a gold coin.

And what is a better family legacy than land? A hunting cabin, a piece of productive farm ground, a few nicely situated building lots, a place to walk your dogs without some kind of hassle—owning land brings a feeling of freedom and security.

If you’re interested in buying land, you should give me a call. I work the entire state of Colorado. I even have good investment opportunities for cash-rent farmland on Class A soils in Ohio and other states. Let’s work together to invest for your future.

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