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Airpark Flying Properties

Colorado pilots enjoy living at the Crawford Airport in Crawford, Colorado

The aviator’s lifestyle is an enjoyable one, giving pilots and their families and friends an amazing degree of freedom. But why keep the plane parked at an airstrip or hangar miles from home? Why not just fly right out the back door? Colorado has several airpark properties and airstrips where aviators can enjoy the amazing Colorado lifestyle.

Crawford, Colorado airstrip and airpark homes offer incredible lifestyle experience

One of the best-kept secrets of Colorado aviation properties is the Crawford Airpark 99V. Located at coordinates 38.7039, -107.6454, Crawford is a small western Colorado town known for cattle ranching, excellent hunting and fishing, gorgeous views, and close proximity to the north rim of the Black Canyon. The winter climate is mild, relatively speaking, and Crawford and the North Fork Valley are famous for providing excellent weather and flying conditions.

Crawford Airpark offers a great flying experience and paved runway

The paved airstrip is 5,000 feet x 20 feet wide, and is located at an elevation of 6,450 feet with a gentle downhill slope to the west/southwest. Prevailing winds generally originate from the southwest, making it an excellent orientation for takeoffs and landings. It is a great strip for pilots to practice their mountain flying, as the West Elk mountains (over 12,000 feet) beckon from only a few miles to the east of the strip. The Black Canyon, which plunges to 2,800 feet below the rim, is just a few miles directly south of the airstrip. The views in the local area, of hay farms, cattle ranches, orchards and vineyards, and millions of acres of public lands, are spectacular.

Airpark Homes and Vacant Lots for Sale in Colorado

The Crawford airpark still has several vacant lots for sale. Most lots are between 2 and 4 acres and offer irrigation water for expansive lawns and gardening, and domestic water taps are usually included with the lots. Prices have fluctuated wildly over the past 20 years, with some lots selling in the $30,000 range in the 1990’s and others selling for close to $200,000 in the go-go times of 2005-06. 2013-14 values have seemed to stabilize in the $60,000-$80,000 range, depending on acreage. Several homes on the airstrip are for sale, but home sales have been hampered by ineffective marketing and several have languished on the market for over 3 years. The county assessor’s website is considered to be fairly accurate, and home values in the community as of late 2013 range from the low $200’s to over $400,000, depending on lot size, square footage, and quality of construction.

Buyer and Seller Representation for Crawford and Colorado Airpark Homes and Airstrip Properties

When it’s time to sell, MARKETING is what gets the job done. Gary Hubbell is a professional photographer, award-winning writer, website expert, and marketing specialist. When it’s time to buy, knowledge of the local market and hard-hitting business analysis is the key to a successful transaction. Gary Hubbell and United Country Colorado Brokers have built one of the most successful brokerages in Western Colorado through a combination of hard work, marketing expertise, knowledge, ethical representation, and excellent service. Whether it’s a Colorado hunting property, orchard and vineyard, luxury home, production cattle ranch, hay farm, hobby farm, or airpark property, Gary Hubbell is an expert in Colorado real estate. Call Gary Hubbell for a consultation, 970 988-2122.