Colorado Homes with Acreage For Sale

A Western Colorado Country Home for Sale or a Home with Acreage can be many things. Some buyers are looking for a home on a couple acres in a subdivision just outside of town. Others may be looking for a luxury home on a larger acreage, or a seasonal mountain off-grid home for the summer months. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve probably sold something like it, and know the regions where we can find your dream property. We know how to value quality improvements and have a great deal of experience with typical structures like horse barns, machine shops, guest houses, pergolas, hunting blinds, and well houses.

Different factors of location, utilities, maintenance, and property use can determine the ultimate value of a property. Make sure you have a realtor that knows these things about the property you’re seeking:

  • Access – paved? Year-round? Shared?
  • Utilities – Public or Private? On or Off Grid?
  • Location – How far is it from the nearest grocery & hardware store? Airport? Clinic?
  • How do these attributes affect the value of the property vs. competing homes?

Western Colorado country homes for sale are our specialty. We have sold literally dozens of incredible country properties, including log homes, horse properties, timber frame homes, historic homes, airpark properties, hunting lodges, and properties that combine several of these assets in one. We are familiar with many types of utility connections and road access. For example, some country properties are served by domestic water companies, while others count on water wells or even developed springs for domestic water. We commonly deal with a wide variety of home heating sources, including natural gas, propane, wood, passive solar, wood pellets, geothermal, and mini-splits. We understand the costs and benefits of each. We are also very experienced with active solar power generation and have sold many off-grid properties powered by solar systems with backup generators.