Colorado Mountain Horse Properties For Sale

If you’re looking for Western Colorado Horse Properties for Sale, your search requires more acreage and assets than your average home. Along with more acreage, it’s important to incorporate a few things into your search for a horse property.

Does the property have:

  • Adequate acreage for your animals
  • Improvements
    • Barns with Stalls
    • Corrals
    • Arena
    • Hay Storage
    • Trailer Storage
  • Year-Round Stock Water
  • Irrigated land
    • Pasture for Grazing
    • Hay Production
  • Nearby Public Lands
  • Nearby Riding Trails

Many properties in Colorado may have a home and enough land to be used as a horse and equestrian property. Improvements can easily be constructed, and pastures fenced and cross-fenced. It is important to determine if properties are within communities that allow horses and other animals, as certain HOAs and covenants may restrict how many animals are kept on-site.

Larger tracts of land, typically 35 acres or more, are less likely to have covenants or HOA restrictions on properties unless in a shared community type of ranch development. Typically, mountain properties above 7,000 feet in elevation in Colorado will be usable as a horse property from May-November each year and have beautiful climates. (LINK TO MOUNTAIN RANCHES FOR SALE COLORADO IDX)  As winter comes, properties at 7,000 feet and higher will typically be difficult to keep animals year-round. This applies to horse properties in areas like Gunnison, Crested Butte, Pagosa Springs, Aspen, Telluride, Vail, Snowmass, Steamboat, and more. Many equestrian property owners in these areas opt to lease winter ground in lower elevation areas where snowfall doesn’t stick all winter. These can be areas like Hotchkiss, Delta, Montrose, Grand Junction, Norwood, New Castle, Rifle, and other parts of the state ranging typically from 5,000 to 6,500 feet in elevation with more temperate climates. (LINK TO RANCHES FOR SALE COLORADO) Trust us, your horse will be much happier on a warmer ranch in Crawford, browsing on grass than fighting through the snow to in sub-zero temperatures to eat hay.