Farms for Sale in the Mountains of Colorado

Though Colorado may be known for its mountain landscapes and snow-capped peaks, Western Colorado Farms for Sale productive farmland can be found in many regions throughout the state. Farms and farmland typically refer to properties that grow and raise crops.

We’ve sold farms of all kinds:

  • Corn Farms
  • Hemp Farms
  • Feedlots & Dairy Farms
  • Pinto Beans, Onions, and Vegetables
  • Alfalfa & Hay Farms

Farms can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the area and the highest use of the land.

Olathe, Colorado, known famously for its “Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn” is centered between Montrose and Delta, Colorado, in a region with hundreds of thousands of acres of high-quality farmland. The area is predominantly fed by water held in the Ridgway Reservoir and Blue Mesa Reservoir, delivered by a network of ditches and canals owned by the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association. The region produces corn, pinto beans, onions, alfalfa and grass hay, vegetables, fruit, hemp, and plenty of other crops. This is a unique area of the state and country because it has row crop land with an excellent source of irrigation water fed by high mountain reservoirs, with a long growing season from May through early October.

Other areas of the state with productive farmland include the San Luis Valley, with many of the farms being fed from deep agricultural water wells drawing water from the San Luis Valley aquifer as well as surface water from tributaries of the Rio Grande River. The Front Range of Colorado also has numerous farms with wide-ranging uses, but few have the dependable water rights that the Uncompahgre Valley has. Dryland farming is common in eastern Colorado all the way out to Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Our brokers have extensive farming experience and can answer a buyer’s questions regarding farm productivity, input costs, fair market price for farmland, and best value propositions for buying farmland.