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Vineyards and Orchards

Western Colorado wineries and vineyards for sale

Organic Wineries Vineyards Orchards Farms for Sale



Western Colorado is gaining prominence as a producer of fine wines, and the reputation is well deserved. The wineries and vineyards of the Western Slope are situated in an ideal location to grow wine grapes. The elevation, soil conditions, temperatures, and water are extremely conducive to establishing vineyards and wineries.


Lifestyle is also an important consideration for Colorado vintners. Our vineyards are located in close proximity to world-class skiing, whitewater rafting, wilderness horseback riding and hiking, trophy big game hunting, and even upland bird hunting, and all in a relaxed rural environment with plenty of urban amenities close by. Schools are excellent and it’s a great place to raise a family.

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Some of the more feasible vineyard locations include Palisade and Grand Junction; Delta, Olathe, and Montrose; the North Fork Valley, including the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss, Eckert, and Orchard City; Canon City, in the souther part of the state; and Cortez, in the far southwest corner of the state, near the New Mexico border.

When searching for vineyard real estate, there are basically two routes to consider: either buying an established vineyard, or buying agricultural property to start from scratch.

There are many advantages to buying an established vineyard, beginning with the extensive infrastructure necessary to grow wine grapes. The irrigation systems, fencing, trellises, and planting of the vines is a big project involving quite a lot of expense. Normally it takes at least four years before you start seeing significant production from the vines, so you’ve got a significant waiting period before you’ll see bins full of harvested grapes.


There can be several drawbacks to buying an existing vineyard. Perhaps they planted grape varieties that you don’t like. Maybe the set-up is poorly designed. It could be too small or too large for your budget or business plan.

There are several vineyards on the market. If you’re searching for established Colorado vineyard real estate for sale, I have several options in mind. If you think you’d rather start fresh with vacant agricultural land suited for starting a vineyard, I know of several properties that would be ideal for Colorado viticulture.


Once the grapes are harvested, the winery itself with the presses, vats, storage, casking, storage, bottling, and loading facilities is an expensive investment.

That being said, more and more wineries are appearing in Western Colorado all the time. With vineyards, there are several important factors that must be considered, including elevation, adequate irrigation rights, solar exposure, types of soils, and size of the parcel. With wineries, other factors must be considered, such as commercial zoning, loading facilities, and visibility to tourists and other visitors. It’s a tricky combination of agricultural property combined with commercial visibility and traffic patterns.

If you’ve always wanted to own a Colorado winery, give me a call, and I can give you some ideas of what’s on the market. I know of two or three vineyards and wineries that are not actively listed, but their owners have expressed an interest in selling.

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The established fruit orchards in Western Colorado are another exciting agricultural opportunity. Peaches, pears, apples, plums, cherries—Western Colorado is known world-wide as a producer of top-quality, juicy, luscious fruit. Many growers are gaining renown for their organic orchards and the beautiful organic fruit that they are growing. Orchards can be found in turn-key condition, with fencing, irrigation, packing sheds, and fruit trees all in great condition.

Additionally, there are established organic farms for sale that are set up and ready to go. They already have an organic certification, and their markets are expecting fresh, organically grown produce.

Call me if you need help locating an orchard or organic farm for sale in Colorado!

organic red wine grapes

red grapes

A special note of thanks goes to Lance Hanson of Jackrabbit Hill vineyard (, a winery located in Hotchkiss, Colorado, specializing in organic wines. While photographing his winery for his websites, Lance took the time to educate me about wineries and vineyards. Lance also makes specialty spirits, including eau de vies, grappas, and organic vodka from natural fruit.

He’s offered his assistance to people interested in starting or buying a vineyard in Western Colorado. I’ve used these photos of his vineyard, which is NOT FOR SALE, with his permission. GDH